Best kept secret in Sarasota!

When we decided to build our home we had many recommendations from friends who had built houses using local general contractors. We were given Gary’s name by a respected/imrpressive person in the building/design business. We had never heard of Gary or GNG Construction but after one meeting we had a really good feeling. We are now in our new home and Pete and I feel that Gary is truly the best kept secret in Sarasota. The construction was smooth, on budget and time and built by true craftsmen who respect their work and most of all Gary.

We would be happy to discussour construction process with anyone who is interested in GNG.

Pete and Melissa deLisser

The biggest decision of our lives became the best decision of our lives when we chose Gary Graber to build our house. At the end of our project I felt like we won won the lottery

Lynn Yamada

When we purchased our property on Casey Key, it came with a cottage that we lived in while our home was being built behind us. When we were looking for a contractor, Gary Graber stood out from all the others. His enthusiasm and eye for detail helped us walk through the process every step of the way. Living on site, we saw Gary all the time at the house. He uses top rated subcontractors that know and respect Gary’s standards. Our house turned out amazing and we have received many complements on the quality and detail craftsmanship. I believe he can accomplish this because he only works on a few houses at one time so that he can give his professional and personal touch to all his jobs. We highly recommend Gary Graber… you will not be disappointed!

Billy & Millie Blevins
Casey Key, Florida

We highly recommend Gary Graber (GNG Construction) to build your dream house.  Throughout the construction…

process and now 8 years later we are still enjoying our beautiful custom crafted home. Gary’s professionalism, enthusiasm, attention to every detail, and his open communication provided us with a truly enjoyable and memorable homebuilding experience.

You can and should trust Gary Graber to build your dream home too!!

Clark and Mary Wright

Venice, FL

Ellen and I were extremely hesitant and concerned about the thought and challenge of building a third home.  Our prior experiences and war stories, as well as our living up north during the Florida construction phase, gave us grave doubts about proceeding.  However, the end result and your professional, eager to please attitude and approach made the entire project a pleasure.

While the outstanding help and construction effort had a great deal to do with our pleasure and satisfaction, the personal attention you and your crew gave to the numerous details that made everything run so smoothly was much appreciated.

An outstanding job!

Rudy Peins, Boca Grande, FL

Dealing with Gary Graber of GNG Construction was a pleasure.  We discussed at the beginning of the project that our goal was to enjoy ourselves during – and more importantly – after completion of our home.  We can honestly say that both goals were accomplished.  Any frustrating situations or urgent concerns were always addressed by Gary in a timely and professional manner.  Without hesitation, the King family would use Gary Graber in any future building endeavors.

Jeff King, Nokomis, FL

Dear Gary,

I just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know how pleased Catherine and I are with our new home.

Walking into the mess that had been created for us had to be difficult, but your estimates of the costs of remedial work and completion costs were remarkably accurate.  As a matter of fact, had it not been for us busting the budget on a few of our selections, you would have probably finished well within your estimate.

I want to compliment you on your cooperative attitude.  You gave every consideration to our requests and, no matter how hectic things got, were able to maintain a cheerful attitude, patiently explaining each alternative to my wife and me.

In short, you were right on.  What started out as a disaster, ended up as a pleasant experience.  Our thanks to you and all of your fine subs for the great job you did.  Building in Sarasota can be a fun time.

(This was a house started by a general contractor in Sarasota and was abandoned at the start of the framing stage.  GNG finished construction on the project)

Dick Jenner, Laurel Oaks

Dear Gary,

I would love to say to any potential home builder that my wife and I built our home on Casey Key five or so years ago.  Being from the Midwest, we didn’t have any knowledge of the builders in the area, but by word of mouth from area people, we were led to you.  After meeting and visiting, we both felt this was the right choice.  It definitely was the right one!  Working with you in all of the building phases was great.  We sure got all we wanted, with great quality on everything we did.  Our end product was all we expected and more.  If I was ever to do it again, you are the only one I would choose.

Best regards,

William A. Mann, Casey Key, FL

It’s funny how people generally don’t hire a contractor twice.  I don’t know why, but it seems true.  When I went about looking for a contractor, I spoke to my friends and many of them had used Gary.  The amazing thing was that they all said they would use him again.  Gary was a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail was amazing.  He was also very conscious of budget, making sure he stayed on budget, but never cutting a corner.  We are very happy with the product that Gary produced and would absolutely use him again.

Richard Bond, Osprey, FL

Building a house can be a very exciting but tedious process.  Gary Graber with GNG Construction made our dream home a reality!!  After 5 years, we still enjoy our beautiful home as well as maintain a great relationship with Gary.  He has always been professional and shows his positive attitude in all he does.  It was a true pleasure to have Gary build our house and if we ever build agains, GNG Construction would be the only company we would consider!!


Lynn and Priscilla Joyner
Nokomis, FL

The Stumlers would like to commend Gary and his staff at GNG for their excellent service, quality workmanship, and impeccable regard for customer satisfaction.

Having interviewed four other contractors in the consideration of building our life-long dream home, we chose Gary based on his hands on approach and high regard for meeting customers expectations.

We have built several homes and none compare to the personal interaction and attention to detail we enjoyed with Gary.  We found his easy going nature and patience refreshing.  He is a man of integrity who was entrusted with our personal vision and high standards.  Our home was completed ahead of schedule with exceeded expectations. We are happy to report there is nothing we would change or improve upon.

If you are considering building your dream home, we highly recommend Gary who will inspire creativity and ensure the most pleasant experience possible during your dream home adventure.  We were blessed to have him as a partner in this endeavor.

With all sincerity,

Nancy and Melvin Stumler
Bird Key, Sarasota